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    Andreas Kristensen

    Hi Anders

    By WATS report, you mean the UUT report? And which field are you setting? The report text? Could you please provide a screenshot?

  • Anders

    Hey Andreas
    I hope this helps

  • Andreas Kristensen

    I see, in the additional results of a step. Unfortunately multiple lines isn't supported there at the moment. I have added a task in our system to improve this in an upcoming version of WATS

  • Anders

    Alright, do you know if I can do a search and replace "\n" to "<BR>" (<BR> is used as line feed?) in the Wats report generator? Or do I have to do it in LabView?

  • Andreas Kristensen

    No, currently, the value for the additional results (displayed with yellow background) is set as plain text. A <br> html tag won't be a line feed either, without making changes to the actual report code.

  • Anders

    Thanks for the help, solved it by moving the data in "additional results" to "Step.Result.ReportText"

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