The WATs Client Monitor should also record Number of UUT reports import fails


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  • Danny Thomson


    Following on from a conversation with Tom about this. I would like to add some additional information and explain my use case.

    I looked at the skyWATs client and under the System Manager, there is an event log section. This does show me gross error information and problems on a WATs client station, but it does not appear to capture and log simple WSTF conversion failures, when I forced a couple of fails through by manually creating failing reports.

    To explain my use case a little better. I have an environment with multiple test stations in a number of different locations. I will have an automated system creating WSTF files to import data into skyWATs.

    Life is such that there will at time be errors with the imports. The addition of a new test for example that breaks my WSTF file creator or maybe a new errorMessage that I try to import that is to long. Anyway the point is things go wrong, at the moment the WSTF import creates useful information in the ERROR & DONE folders, but these folders are all local to the WATs clients stations and can only be accessed by using file explorer.

    I need a way of globally identifying and seeing test stations that have some failed imports siting in the ERROR and DONE folder so I can a) manually fix the problem and import the data if a one off problem b) catch systematic problems very early on. I think that the ControlPanel System Manger page would be a great place to view this information globally.

    So I would love for the WATs Client monitor to show this information, this allows line technicians to contact me if they see import error counts are not zero and also something on the ControlPanel System Manager page  that simple shows these type of issues per station.


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