Additional WSTF Results Type support

This is a request to add in XY Graph data, array data support into the WSTF. The XY Graph data currently exists in the LabVIEW Toolkit and I assume the TestStand Toolkit.

It would be nice to actually support all the following

  • Standard LabVIEW Waveform data type defined by t0, dt, Y

            Maybe something like this below

            NumwericWaveFormCall  TimedResult

                  NumberWavformT0   34

                  NumberWavformDT   5

                  NumberWavformNumPoints   40

                  NumberWavformPoints   56,78,90,34,56,7,8 etc



  • A simple 1D array of any type, numeric, bool, string

             Maybe something like this below and the same for BoolarrayCall, StringArrayCall

             NumericArrayCall  WarmupVoltages

             NumericArrayTest  multiReads   5 GT Volt  Passed 50       ---- the 5 here is to specify the number of elements in the array supplied

                  NumbericArrayLowLimit 2,2,2,2,2

                  NumberArrayHighLimit ---- optional 

                  NumbericarrayResult 13,12,4,6,7


  • LabVIEW XY Graph Data, 1D array of clusters of XY points.

           I see this simialr to the 1D example above but with a ResultsX and ResultsY row

I would also like to ask that new LabVIEW VI's are added to the LabVIEW Toolkit to support the first two items in the list above. 




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