hourly failure pareto




  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen


    In the Product Yield report you are able to see FPY per hour. Would this provide you the option needed?


  • Arjen Walstra

    Hi Tom,

    This will only show a yield per hour. Not a quantity of failures from a specific failure.

  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Ok, so you want to see the "Top 10 failed steps" for each hour? How would you present this? Like multiple graphs (one for each period) or 10 bars within each period(month/day/hour) etc)?

  • Arjen Walstra

    not the top 10. just a specific test.

    thus you would have 1 failure selected, time on the x-axis and quantity on the y-axis.

  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Arjen, in the latest WATS release you will see a status chart for each step in Test step yield & analysis showing different status over time. Will this cover what you have purposed?

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