XYGraph MNLT step chart layover - Analyse Chart Data




  • René Tavs Gregersen

    We would find the following very nice features:
    - the possibility to click a single curve/graph and jump directly to the UUT report for this UUT.
    - the "run" filter to be applied here also. right now it seems that chart data for all UUT runs is shown altough a filter has been chosen in "Test Step yield & analysis".

    - a seperate chart from the "raw data" chart, showing the average/mean curve together with +- 3sigma curves.

  • Danny Thomson

    - I like the idea of showing max, min average.

    - it would be nice to be able to select two or more of the possible ten plots and just merge selected plots as well as the merge all plots.

    - If you add in a max and min limit plot to your graph, as these are not identified as limits by skyWATs, they just appear as two separate plots no different to any other. If somehow these two plots could be identified as special in some way, so the system knew they were limits they could be added to each of the plots instead.

  • Danny Thomson

    I have using this view quite a bit of late and often have several Tabs open with different plots, it would be great to have a information, summary box at top of box to show at least the Part Number or numbers and maybe the software filenames or names that went into the plots. If you have several open very easy to loose track of where the data originated from.  I think this comment is also true of the step yield details web page

  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen


    The feature for "filter data info in TSY&A step details web page" is planned for the 2016.3 release. I now also added the option to display this in the "chart ovelay" page.

  • Jakub Honkisz

    Hi Tom 

    Is it possible to choose plots to marge? We have measurements for HI with front and rear mics. When i plot them i see those two measurements on the one plot with two different limits. 

    I would like to choose measurments to plot.



  • Tommy Egeberg

    Hi Jakub.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have created a feature request, it may be included in a future release.

  • Jakub Honkisz

    Hi Tommy 

    Do you have any information when do you plan to release new WATS functionality which will give possibility to choose merging plots ? 




  • Jakub Honkisz


    Could please look at the topic closer ?

    Best Regards

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