Email based Periodic Summary report



  • MES-Support

    I would like a more flexible report/ alert manager with more possibilities to create reports/ alerts on a level that is not predefined by Virinco but can be determined by ourselves.

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  • Niko Auvinen

    One of our customer would like to have report if any of test stations have been offline too long and I would assume periodic report would be ok if period is configurable down to 1wk

    Other reports proposals

    - Sorted CpK < 1.66 list for high volume products, CpK calculation filtered by passed results. This kind of report is giving early warning before Yield is affected for several production challenges, like second source component change or if production test connections are wearing out and affecting to average results.

    - CpK list for key- / critical parameters by product. Some companies requires routine follow up for key- /critical parameters


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  • samuli.tanninen

    I support Niko's proposals!

    We would also like a possibility to send the report for multiple receivers and not just only to the user.

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