PC Windows name included in client data




  • Czyzewska Bogna

    It would be also nice to set the main station name manually where needed - commonly used name is not always the same as system name.

  • Tommy Egeberg

    Changing the PC name will create a new client. All historical data will be linked to the old client and new future reports to the new one.

    You may safely delete the old client from the system manager.

  • Sandqvist Aleksi

    Hi Tommy,

    Ideally we want to have a full history of PC names that have been given to a test station to have traceability. E.g. we give test stations specific names but they are often changed by supplier staff with names suiting their internal naming / networks. It would be good to have the option of getting all test reports using e.g. the first name given to it - and not listing all the names that it had during the years



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