Service Incident, 2018-Feb-09 - RESOLVED

08:40 UTC | 2018-Feb-12

We are still seeing performance issues and are currently working on this now. We expect to be unstable and sometimes unresponsive during the day due to system updates and restarts.


12:00 UTC | 2018-Feb-11

All instances are back online. We are still working on a performance problem.


12:30 UTC | 2018-Feb-10

All instances have been restored and redeployed. Instances will be turned back online within a few hours.


06:00 UTC | 2018-Feb-10

The new host has been created and deployed, but we are still waiting for several database backups to restore.


18:00 UTC | 2018-Feb-09

We have issues with the database host and have decided to move affected instances to a new host. Please be patient, the process may take some time.  


14:45 UTC | 2018-Feb-09

We are still investigating the issue. The root cause has not been identified yet.


09:00 UTC | 2018-Feb-09

Some instances have performance issues. We are investigating the problem.


07:30 UTC | 2018-Feb-09

The error was related to a corrupt tempDB file. The problem has been resolved, but instances may experience some degraded performance when backlogs are being processed.


06:45 UTC | 2018-Feb-09

Some skyWATS accounts are unable to log on to the web portal.

We are currently investigating the issue.

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