WATS Server release 2016.3

WATS Server 2016.3RC1 is now available. Selected skyWATS.com accounts will be updated gradually within one month and the rest following thereafter.


Major Feature areas of the release:

  • Yield report
  • Test Step yield & analysis
    • New Details View (preview)
    • Chart Overlay general available
  • New Manager in Control Panel merging Manual Inspection and Workflow Manager (HTML5)
  • Dashboard improvements
    • New widget: Step status list (Test Step yield & analysis)
    • Action menu on all dashboard widget
  • Miscellaneous
    • Select Reporting Start Page
    • Manual Inspection: Added Attach File step type and support for adding UUT sub unit information
    • Production Manager (MAC address module): Support for non-MAC serial numbers
    • Performance enhancements and bugfixes
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