Archiving data

An option in WATS allow archiving of data. This must be set-up in cooperation with the WATS team. Please contact us at

Archiving works so that one process save full reports as XML (WatsReportMarkupLanguage) files. This may be in a cloud server “blob” or locally on an archiving server in a ZIP folder structure. In theory, it will archive ALL reports up to today’s date (so also used for backup).

Another process runs at the WATS server and delete reports (or keep the report Header and delete all steps) using filter settings (PN, Operation Types, date, etc.). It will anyway only delete archived reports. 

If you keep report headers, you can see yields (First pass etc.) and search the reports in UUT report. An icon illustrate that parts of the report has been deleted (and archived)


When opened, a description says that the rest of the report has been archived (deleted steps). Currently, only the report GUID can link you to the archive. 

At test step yield and analysis, a warning icon will appear if you try to look at data from reports with deleted steps.(Example: the first table will say it found 1000 UUTs, but 500 of them has deleted steps).


If you delete the whole report (also header), First pass yield etc will be the newest valid report in the production database.

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