WATS Server release 2016.2

WATS Server 2016.2 is now available. skyWATS.com accounts will be updated gradually within one moth. 

Major Feature areas of the release:

  • New UUT Report
    • Supporting TestStand Additional Results
  • Miscellaneous data as dimensions
  • WATS Control Panel in HTML
  • System Manger
    • Virtual Levels/Restrict access to Users
  • Serial/MAC Address Module
  • Repair
    • BOM integration (and Vendor list)
    • Attach file to UUR report
    • Repair analysis
  • Miscellaneous
    • New login
    • Remember settings
    • WF, See all details list
    • MI, Require UUR tristate
    • Export to Excel Grid/unit details from Repair Analysis

See the attached PDF for details.


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