Prepare for site installation

Prepare for installation on local site

A WATS Local server installation in a production site might involve several parties. This article intends to describe various pitfalls and reduce the surprises to a minimum. The following parties should be involved in the process:

  • WATS Project management (centrally)
  • IT Operations centrally
  • IT Operations locally
  • Test management locally

For a successful and problem-free local site installation, it is important that everyone involved understands the process and that the necessary resources are available at the right time.

Infrastructure and Hardware requirements

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Server Requirements


  • Server can be either physical server or virtual server if such environment is already in place.

Physical server

  • Physical placement of server on site is agreed with local IT
  • Server hardware meets minimum requirements

Existing virtualization environment

  • Available resources meets minimum requirements

Network connection

  • Server has internet access
  • Clients can reach server on internal network

Connection to master server

  • Communication strategy is verified, and agreed upon by all involved parties. Refer to Server Requirements for details.

Backup requirement

  • Backup infrastructure in place, or necessity of a local backup is waived.

Software requirements

  • Operating System installed
  • Operating system patched with latest patches
  • Remote access software installed (TeamViewer 10) and set to autostart


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