Create a global MI test sequence Availability - User Level: Analyzer, Manager

A global test sequence is one that can be used as a sub sequence in several other test sequences, and may be very useful when you have more than one MI test sequence that share a sequence of the same test steps. Instead of re-creating and configuring identical steps across test sequences, you can easily configure a sub sequence that applies for all of them.


This is acheived by setting the "Global" property on the selected sequence in the Manual Inspection Manager, and the sequence must be in either the "Pending" or "Released" state. Once this is done, navigate to and select the sequence you want to use it in, then click "Design Sequence" from the ribbon.

When the Sequence Designer has opened, drag and drop an item of the "Global Sequence" step type from the toolbox to the desired location. Then click the [...] button located below the step title to configure.


Click on the drop down list to select the global sequence, and click "Close" once selected.



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