Attach images to a UUT report

The "Attach Image" feature in MI, allows a single image to be attached to a test step. An image could often provide extended support to the measured value, since all measurements are verified visually.

To attach a image, the client computer must have a web camera connected to it, and the requirement level must be optional or required (configured for the test step in the Sequence Designer).

Open the "Attach Image" feature. If Operator Interface is running with elevated trust permissions, or if web camera access was previously granted, the stream of the camera should be visible. If not, click on "Start Camera" and the following dialog should appear.


Tick the "Remember my answer" checkbox, and click Yes. This should save your answer so the dialog won't reappear on a later occassion.

Now you can click the "Capture" button, followed by "Attach" if you are satisfied with the capture. If not, click the "Discard" button. You can also click "Remove" to remove an attached image.


 After the image is attached to the test step, and after the UUT report is submitted from MI, you can open the UUT report and view the attached image if needed.


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