Create and edit MI test sequence




  • Arjen Walstra

    This seems like a really nice feature.

    What I am unable to do is build a sequence that is usable for various products.

    To do this I would need to be able to a relationship with e.g. a wildcard.

    partnumber=" UUT_TYPE_* "

    Or is it possible through a different method?

  • Henrik S. Amundsen

    Hello Arjen,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    You can use a wildcard at the end of the string (in the "Value" column) when the relation type is "PartNumber", either with % or * as in your example. You can also define multiple part number relations w/ wildcard for the same test sequence.

  • Arjen Walstra

    Hello Henrik,

    Thanks for the feedback. It seems to work like you describe. However I also have products in the database that do not have a "part number".

    For these I want to have a default test sequence to be displayed in the Operator interface. I tried a relation-ship


    But that doesn't seem to work.

    One other problem is that our serial numbers start with a * therefor I can use that as a relationship either.

  • Henrik S. Amundsen

    Hello Arjen,

    We have discovered the issue in the beta version of MI (which is the one you are currently using), that does not respond to the "*" value. This is fixed in the upcoming release. For now I belive you can just leave the "Value" column empty, and it should respond to all part numbers (as a workaround).

    The "SerialNumber" relation type does not support wildcard for the moment, and need to match the serial number entirely. We might add support for this in a future release (same as for BatchNumber). If your serial numbers starts with *, you could combine it with the % character e.g. "*%" or "*123%" which should work the same way as for part numbers, as soon as we've added wildcard support for this relation type as well.

    Best Regards


  • Jukka Ainali


    do I need some additional software or add on for the browser to be able use this? I am able to create sequence, but, when I try to design sequence additional tab flashes in browser window, but than disappears. Bob-ups in browser are allowed




  • Claus Moos

    I Installed firefox browser, then the "Design sequence" button opens the sequence editor as expected, in internet explorer it does not... due to trusted site settings maybe?...

  • Henrik S. Amundsen

    Hi Claus,

    Correct, it should work if you add WATS to the Trusted Sites list.

    Internet options -> Security -> Trusted sites -> Sites, and Add.

    Did this solve your issue?

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