Execute a MI test sequence (as operator)

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To execute a MI test sequence, the operator must enter WATS Operator Interface. When a unit has been scanned and checked-in, select "Manual Inspection" from the menu.

If multiple MI test sequences matches the current unit, or if multiple test operations are defined, the operator must choose the appropriate test sequence and operation manually.

When the test sequence has been loaded, the operator may need to provide values to miscellaneous fields. These fields and their values will be reported in the UUT (and UUR if the test sequence failed) report(s) submitted to WATS TDM.


When all UUT/UUR Miscellaneous fields are completed with appropriate values, the operator can proceed to the sequence execution itself. Note that the sequence can be executed at any time, but the miscellaneous info must be provided prior to submitting the reports.

Sequence view


On Numeric/String Limit Tests, the operator must confirm to set a measured value.


If a confirmation was done by mistake, this icon mi_undo.PNG will undo the test.


  • Close - Closes MI and prepares Operator Interface for rescan
  • Delete - Deletes the test sequence instance. When clicked, all test execution progress is lost (incl. UUT/UUR Miscellaneous Info). This option is enabled when the operator has started executing the test, or have supplied a value to a UUT/UUR miscellaneous field.
  • Pass All - Passes all test steps that are marked as appropriate to pass without supplied measurements
  • Submit - Submits the UUT/UUR report. This option is enabled when the result of the root sequence has been set.


  • Test Instructions - Provides test instructions to the operator in different media formats. PDF has extended navigational support in MI with regards to page numbers and/or string lookup.
  • Repair Codes - Lists repair categories/codes from the selected repair operation. Repair codes are needed when a test step has failed, as operators need to add at least one failure to that test step with a specified repair code.
  • Print Barcodes - Prints barcodes that allow operators to execute MI actions from a barcode scanner, such as failing a single test step, or providing a repair code to a failed test step.
  • Attach Image - Attaches an image to the test step, and in some cases this might be required.

Operator Interface loaded with MI sequence:


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    Jean-Louis Schricke


    What is the procedure for displaying a specific page of a PDF document within a Manual Inspection sequence ?

    Where the PDF document has to be saved  :

    > on the cloud ?

    > on a local network ?

    > on the PC using Operator mode in a web browser ?

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    Henrik S. Amundsen


    Hi Jean-Louis,

    Currently we support storage/access of Manual Inspection media files to a web location where anonymous access is allowed.


    As of version 2016.2 we also support UNC locations (where the UNC path must be accessible from the WATS server), as well as locations which are password protected. In the Sequence Designer, credentials must be defined in the sequence/step where you have set the “MediaUrl” property referring to the password protected location.


    If you want to display a PDF, you can set the “MediaUrl” property with an web address to the PDF file. This can be set on any sequence/step, but usually this is set in the “root” sequence if only one PDF file is displayed during the test.  The “MediaUrl” is inheritable, so that any sub sequence or step also uses the same URL - but can refer to different pages/sentences in the PDF. More information on this topic is available in our In-App Help documentation: WATS Control Panel -> Manual Inspection Manager -> Sequence Designer.

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