Gage R&R analysis Availability - User Level: Analyzer, Manager

The GR&R analysis is used to quantify the amount of variation in a measure that comes from the measurement system itself rather than from product or process variations. The analysis uses the ANOVA (analysis of variance) method for computing the repeatability and reproducibility.


The analysis requires multiple parts (units), appraisers (test-station, operator, socket, fixture) and trials. When conducting a study, the recommended procedure is to use 10 parts, 3 appraisers and 2 trials, for a total of 60 measurements.


You will first have to select the appraiser / part combinations to include in the analysis. Check the combinations from the hierarchical grid and hit the apply selected button. (NB. This real world example uses 5 parts, 2 appraisers and 10 trials)



The next step is to identify a step of interest and expand the details.



All the key values are accompanied with control charts.



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