OEE analysis

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The Overall Equipment Effectiveness analysis ("simple" OEE) gives you detailed information about a test machines performance, quality and availability. The filter in this report is slightly different than the other WATS report.

The Part Number, Station ID and Operation Type are filtering down the result. The values entered in the OEE parameters area are used in the OEE calculations. The From Date and To Date are further used to filter down the result and to calculate the OEE. The From Date is required, and will automatically insert a date 30 days back in time (if nothing already exists in the sticky filter).


In the data grid in this page you may drill down to have a closer look at the different operation types and part numbers that have been run on the machine in the given period.

A chart will also be drawn, to visualize the test machine’s OEE. This chart will display the total number of UUTs (by status) as columns, together with the total execution time as a line. You may further select the grouping of interest (hour, day, week, month, quarter or year) from the dropdown list to the right of the chart. The available time in each period will also be drawn as a line. This is only an average of the total available time, and will always show a straight line.

 An example of how this chart may look like can be seen in the figure below.


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