Periodic yield Availability - User Level: Analyzer, Manager

The Product Yield Report gives you the ability to monitor and measure yield on your products against assigned KPI targets, sorted by period and part number. The PPM calculation is showing fraction of tests not passed as part per million.

Miscellaneous data as dimensions

Miscellaneous data can be used as dimensions to calculate Yield and Volume. Miscellaneous data are split into 2 search boxes, Misc Info Desc (Description) and Misc Info String (Value). Misc Info Desc value must be matching text while Misc Info String support wildcard search as example below. The value of description is new header text in level 2 and the expandable list in level 3 display all the misc string values found in the matching reports as expandable groups.

The same data are plotted on a bar graph with yield per period and warning and alarm level.

Further, expanding one period will reveal 2 new charts. Yield per product in the period and the "test tale chart" illustrating how many units needed more than one test run to Pass the test. Click on the bar to drill down into Serial Number History to see history details.

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