Rolled Throughput Yield Availability - User Level: Analyzer, Manager

The Rolled Throughput yield (RTY) calculates the RTY for a selected set of part numbers and processes. RTY is calculated by multiplying the yield for each part number / process and period. Initially you will need to select either “Date View” or “Count View” and apply a filter.

Date View: This view will include data from within the chosen date interval in the filter.
Count View: This view will include only the last “Max Count” (filter value) units of each Part Number / Process combination no matter when they were tested as example below.

note.pngNOTE: “Max Count” (filter value) is only valid for the Count View

Step 1; enter filter details (it is recommended to use multiple parameters in the filter to narrow and speed up the search). You can also use a list of Part Numbers to look at RTY from e.g. a module (separate with “;”).


Step 2; Select the Part Numbers and processes where you want to calculate the RTY and apply selected.


Step 3; the grid will show RTY for each period (depending on the selected period in the filter) and the total RTY in the first column. The RTY for each period is also displayed in a graph.




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