TSY&A - Test Step Yield & Analysis

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Step time report

A chart display top 10 steps that consume most execution time. By default, the chart is ordered by average step execution time. You can also select to order by maximum/minimum execution time.


Top 10 failed steps 

The graph will display top 10 failed steps (with status equal to Failed, Error or Terminated). The chart also has a new summary “step” named Other. This bar represent the rest of the step failures.




The Only count failures cause UUT failure option is only valid when this flag is set on a step in the UUT report. Typically, NI TestStand will only set this flag when a step has status Failed (not Error or Terminated), and when the Step Failure Causes Sequence Failure option is enabled (default).

The grid below will list all executed step with multiple ordering options.


Click on any of the steps in the list to view details and analyse trends, SPC, ecport to excel etc.


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