Update a RCA Ticket

If you wish to update a ticket, you can do so by opening the link referenced in a received RCA notification e-mail, or by clicking the row of a ticket in e.g. "My tickets" (Root Cause sub menu).


When the ticket is opened, the currently active "D" (problem solving disipline/step) is expanded and highlighted with bold text. You can provide your comments to the text area seen below "Add comment", and/or by using the HTML editor. In order to make one of the subsequent steps active, you'll need to add your comments to the desired step.



Edit ticket properties

If you're the creator of a ticket, you can change the priority and assignee at any time. If you are the assignee, you are only allowed to set a new assigned user. When a new assignee is set, the e-mail address of this user is automatically added to the D1 step (Define Team). Involved team members can delete their own e-mail address from this step on a later occasion if they don't want to receive updates to the ticket by e-mail.

All users can add or remove tags from a ticket. Tags are added by entering a semicolon, a comma, or by pressing the TAB key. To add a reference to another ticket, prefix the ID of the ticket with the hash symbol (e.g. #1480). To remove one or more tags, press the Backspace key, or click on the icon that's located inside the tag.



Submit your updates

Your updates and modifications is submitted by clicking the "Submit as" button. If you wish to change the status of the ticket, click the arrow on the right of the status, and the allowed statuses will be listed. The ticket is submitted once you click on a status in the list.

Note that only the creator can submit the ticket as "On-Hold" or "Closed". The creator and the assigned user can submit a ticket as "Solved".










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