Create a RCA Ticket

Creating a RCA Ticket

To create a ticket, either click on the + New ticket icon in the Root Cause main menu, or use the action menu icon  from one of the reports (Create RCA ticket). By using the action menu, WATS will use the parameters in the selected record as searchable tags and if created from the UUT or UUR report, add a link to the “Referenced UUT/UUR report”


Further start the D8 process with defining a team (D1) - ticket creator and assigned user will be added by default - and describe the problem (D2). Either directly in the text box, by opening the HTML editor allowing uploads of images or by attaching a file.


Assign the ticket to a WATS User and click Submit as New


The ticket will now be available in the “My Tickets” list for the creator and the assignee.

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