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  • Steen Schmidt

    Where do I find information about how to setup the filter fields? Some of them make more sense than others, for instance the "Station Name" field is just one simple string, but what is the format of ranges? What can I put into the "Misc Info" field? Tooltips when hovering over the field swould be helpful.


    Also, how do I filter on data fields inside each report? Such that if I only want UUT Reports with a test step result of a certain value or within a certain range?




  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Hi Steen,

    Thanks for the input. There should be tooltips in the (range) text. For more filter details, please look at the help file: Help>WATS Reporting>Report Filter located in the upper right corner of your WATS application. In the "Misc Info" field you can search both description and data (string).

    As to your second topic I think using a combination of Test Step Yield & Analysis and the UUT report filter will provide some results. Also, for advanced data handling you could export the UUT results to excel. I hope this was useful.


  • Steen Schmidt

    Thanks Tom,


    How do I use the 'Misc Info' field to filter on data in the UUT reports - I can't find an example of that in the help? I've attached a screenshot of a UUT report with a couple of fields highlighted that could be search values. Those could be header parameters (in this case in the Misc UUT section) or it could be step results down in the report itself.

    Perhaps I won't be able to search out the data fields I've highlighted down in the report, since those are attributes to the XYGraph data as well? In such a case I'd be happy to see syntax for searching a numeric limit test result for instance instead.




  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    For the "Misc UUT Info" you could search either "3.4.37" (returning all reports matching this string value) or "Software Version" (returning all reports that has this misc description) in the UUT Report filter.

    For the step values, you would have to use "Test step yield & analysis" and the details graph to filter your selected range and extract the unit details. I can provide you some examples in our online session.

  • Jarkko Liedes



    Is there any way to search certain UUT reports by for example Subunit serialnumber ? Situation is that one report includes 5 different sub-boards test results (tested in same teststand sequence) and they are marked as different subunits with serials in UUT reports. Now I want to search report that contain certain sub-board results. Is it possible?




  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen


    Yes, this can be done using Serial Number History: https://virinco.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207424483-Tracking-sub-units-in-WATS


  • Anthonywhall2

    So how do you include the software version in the reports?

  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    @Anthonywhall2; The SW version is the version number of your sequence file. In TestStand, go to Edit>Sequence File Properties.
    In the General tab you'll find the Version property.

    Using the API you'll find the SW Version property (or Sequence File Version)

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