Virinco Info Screen - Show multiple dashboards

"VirincoInfoScreen" is a windows program that allows you to automate switching of tabs in IE or Chrome. This allow you to show multiple dashboards on a monitor or screen. Open each WATS Dashboard in "Maximize" mode to see full-screen without menus.

Download attached tool and run, no installation required.
Select Browser and Interval, and press play. The browser must be started in advance.

Terms ("VirincoInfoScreen"):

  • Written by Ragnar Engnes, Virinco AS, and is an optional tool
  • Tested on Windows 7, 64 bit
  • Application is not covered by any Support & Maintenance agreement and is used at own risk

8. May 2015 - New version 1.2.3 - Allows auto refresh (F5) after configured interval + bug fixes.

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