Edit my Home screen / create private dashboards

By default, the home screen is the Public Dashboard named "Overview".


If you have permission to "edit public dashboards" (skyWATS.com users must have the Technician User Level), you can edit the home screen directly using the "Edit" button.


You can however create your own private dashboards.

  1. Select the Dashboard main menu (bottom left side)
  2. click "+ new dashboard"
  3. Type a dashboard title (e.g. My Dashboard) and select a layout
    (use the text box for custom layout. Example above creates a dashboard with 3 Sections/rows and 2 columns in each)
  4. Click "Save" then "Back"
  5. Click "Edit"
  6. Click the (+) button and select a widget. Select "Add to" and Section/Column
  7. Click "Edit settings" in the upper right corner
  8. Edit the widget properties and filter options. Please see that the filter data entered returns a valid result. Use the "apply" button to update the widget "in behind"
  9. Click "OK"
  10. Repeat step 6 to 9 until your dashboard is set up, then click "Exit edit mode" Your Dashboard may now look a bit like this
  11. Finally, click the "Default" button in the header. Next time you click on the Home button (or start your WATS Reporting tool), the "My Dashboard" will be displayed.

TIP: Click on the "maximize" button to run the Dashboard in a new window and put it up on a large screen at the office or in production!


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