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To simplify integration to other 3rd party test systems, we introduce Wats Standard Xml Format. This is in addition to Wats Standard Text Format.

The WSXF Converter inputs data from Wats Standard Xml Format into the WATS system.

Note: The converter support in the WATS Client is available from version 4.2. Use the latest official release

Change history:
2017-03-16: New Version of .dll uploaded. Bug fix to support upload of WSXF that has been exported from WATS.
2017-03-20: Pass/Fail bug fixed.


After you have installed the WATS Client, follow this procedudre:

  1. Download WSXFConverter.dll.

  2. Check the Unblock Property of the downloaded file:
  3. Stop WATS Client Service in Services.

  4. Create a new folder named “WatsStandardXmlFormat” at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Virinco\WATS (Win XP) or C:\ProgramData\Virinco\WATS (Win 7).

  5. Add this text to the Converters.xml file (same path as first step). This file can refer to several converters.

    <converter name="WSXFConverter" assembly="WSXFConverter" class="Virinco.WATS.Interface.WSXFConverter">
        <Source type="folder">
          <Parameter name="Path">C:\ProgramData\Virinco\WATS\WatsStandardXMLFormat</Parameter>
          <Parameter name="Filter">*.xml</Parameter>
          <Parameter name="PostProcessAction">Move</Parameter>
        <Destination type="api">
          <Parameter name="online">False</Parameter>

  6. Add WSXFConverter.dll to folder C:\Program Files\Virinco\WATS .

  7. Start WATS Client Service in Services

  8. If an xml file is saved to the directory (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Virinco\WATS\WatsStandardXmlFormat  (Win XP) or C:\ProgramData\Virinco\WATS\WatsStandardXmlFormat,(Win7) )
    the WATS Client will automatically read and import the file into WATS.

General details

The schema and examples of xml files in this format is described in:

The file consists one or more Report-elements in the top Reports-element. Each Report-element represents one UUT report, and contains general information and a hierarchy of test steps. The steps contain measurements, like pass/fail test, numeric limit test, string value test etc.

Converter Method

The WATS API supports two methods for importing data: Active and Import. When operating in Active mode, the result of a step, sequence and test is set automatically using the measure, compare operator and the limit(s). In Import mode, the status (pass/fail) must be set manually.

The Wats Standard Xml Format converter use the Import method. The status-fields are required in the schema and will be used.

Description & Example

The DLL is Attached (WSXFConverter.dll)

An example Converters.xml file is Attached, with text from Step3 in Installation above.

Please see the attached PDF for more detailed description (DocumentationWSXFConverter.pdf).

See for schema and examples.

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