Wats Standard Text Format (WSTF)




  • Danny Thomson

    The  NOTE: All columns must be available in the file. The importance (Recommended/ Optional) applies for the data in the column.

    I take this to mean pad out for optimal columns with extra TAB ?

    NumericLimitTest<TAB>VCC_1V8A<TAB>1.84<TAB>1.75<TAB>1.90<TAB>GTLT<TAB>Volts<TAB>Passed<TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><\n\r> is what is needed ? so always 13 tabs.

    If writing a WSTF format file within LabVIEW I assume "\t" format will provide the correct ascii for a TAB ?


  • Ragnar Engnes

    The documentation contained an error and is updated.

    When adding a sub-unit, the order is Description, Partnumber, Serialnumber and Revision

  • Jukka Ainali


    I am not able to get the test socket index to the "predefined headers"-field in report. It goes to the misc UUT info part of the report. Attached snapshot from the header field.

  • Ragnar Engnes

    This was fixed in

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