Wats Standard Text Format (WSTF)

To simplify integration to other 3rd party test systems,  we introduce Wats Standard Text Format.

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When you install the WATS Client, a folder named “WatsStandardTextFormat” is created at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Virinco\WATS (Win XP) or C:\ProgramData\Virinco\WATS (Win 7, 8, 10).

If a file using the Wats Standard Text Format is saved to the directory, the WATS Client will automatically read and import the file into WATS.

note.pngNOTE: The converter support in the WATS Client is available from version 4.2. Use the latest official release

General details

The format of the Wats Standard Text Format is a tab delimited ASCII file (*.txt). Each line in the file represents an entry containing any number of data fields.

The file consists of three main parts; a Header data part, a Step data part and a Footer data part. The Header data part is further split into two sub parts; a list of predefined headers followed by an optional section of miscellaneous UUT data.

The WATS Client can read one UUT report per file or multiple UUT reports in one file. Use the Data Markers to organize the data.

Converter Method

The WATS API supports two methods for importing data: Active and Import. When operating in Active mode, the result of a step, sequence and test is set automatically using the measure, compare operator and the limit(s). In Import mode, the status (pass/fail) must be set manually.

The Wats Standard Text Format converter use a combination of Active and Import. If status is given in the data; it will be used. If not, limits are used.

Description & Example

Please see the attached PDF for detailed description, and TXT file for example.


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    Danny Thomson

    The  NOTE: All columns must be available in the file. The importance (Recommended/ Optional) applies for the data in the column.

    I take this to mean pad out for optimal columns with extra TAB ?

    NumericLimitTest<TAB>VCC_1V8A<TAB>1.84<TAB>1.75<TAB>1.90<TAB>GTLT<TAB>Volts<TAB>Passed<TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><\n\r> is what is needed ? so always 13 tabs.

    If writing a WSTF format file within LabVIEW I assume "\t" format will provide the correct ascii for a TAB ?


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    Ragnar Engnes

    The documentation contained an error and is updated.

    When adding a sub-unit, the order is Description, Partnumber, Serialnumber and Revision

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    Jukka Ainali


    I am not able to get the test socket index to the "predefined headers"-field in report. It goes to the misc UUT info part of the report. Attached snapshot from the header field.

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    Ragnar Engnes

    This was fixed in

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