XY Graph Multiple numeric limit test




  • David Engstrom

    Just what I needed.  Thanks.

  • Tim

    Nearly there, I want to add Limit Lines to my Graph. But how do I get the 'PlotArray' data from the LabVIEW vi to use as the 'Data Source' for the limit test? The 'PlotArray' contains an Array of a cluster of 1-D Array of a cluster (See PlotArray_DataType.jpg) attached. I need a 1-D array of 'y' data to test aginst the Upper and Lower Limit Lines, presumable defined in the 'limit' tab. 

  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen


    Basically you can add limits as 2 new plots (Upper/Lower limit). One way is to use the limits from TS to generate the plots. See example

  • Tim

    Thank you Tom. I now know the workings of the XYG Step and have a solution to my requirement.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the swift response Tom. I can generate the limit lines, as you illustrate, on the plot. But I wish to test each data point of the measurement trace against the limit and to 'Fail' if the limit is exceeded. Is this possible?


    Thanks Tim.

  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    yes, but you have to implement it "yourself" using e.g. the Limit Testing functionality of the Waveform Monitoring (so a little bit handling between XYG and waveform types).

    Another tip is to count the number of points outside HighLimit and LowLimit and return them to TS using Measurements. Then, use e.g. EQ (==) 0 as limit of the measurements. This way, you can trend number of points outside spec in Test Step Yield & Analysis.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Jarkko Liedes



    I am facing a problems with trying to use WATS XY Graph MNLT step type. In my measurement VI the PlotArray output datatype is exact the same as described in this document. But it gives error when i am trying to assign PlotsArray VI output to "Step.PlotsArray" variable. Following error message comes up:

    And my PlotsArray cluster is following:



  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Jarkko, I will follow up in a support ticket.

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