Replace or create custome Identify UUT

Using PreUUT Callback

A quick way to make a custom Identify UUT dialog is to add the PreUUT sequence callback to your sequence file.


See the TestStand examples [TestStand Public Directory]\Examples\WATS\Log misc UUT info


Using custom Process Model Plugins

To make a more permit change to the framework, using a process model plug-in is recommended. Below is a quick guide on the topic.

  • Select Configure > Result Processing…
  • Select the Show More Options and click Advanced…
  • In the advanced view, click Create New Process Model Plug-in…
  • Name and save the file in the default directory
  • Close all the dialogs
  • Optionally, create your own custom properties (e.g. to control behavior in your plug-in)IdentifyUUT.png
  • Delete the sequences not needed. Optionally rename them for later use. Refer to the Process Model Plug-Ins topics in the NI TestStand Help for information about purpose of the plug-in entry points.

note.png TIP: Look at the NI defaults or the WATS_ Report Logger as examples


  • In sequence Model Plugin – Initialize, create a Statement step and add the following expression
    Parameters.ModelPluginConfiguration.RuntimeVariables.ModelDialogsEnabled.SequentialShowSerialNumber = False
  • In the Model Plugin - Pre UUT sequence, add a new action step inside the IF/END steps. In this example, I am using the LabVIEW adapter but you could use any of the other adapters (.NET, CVI, etc.)

note.png TIP: Copy the WATS VI, rename it and modify it according to your needs. The VI is located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 2013\Components\WATS_ModelSupport\Single\


  • Remember to pass the Unit data to TestStand and also the ContinueTesting Boolean as below
  • Save and close the plug-in sequence file
  • Select Configure > Result Processing… (again)
  • Click the Insert New… button on the right side
  • Select “VIC_MyPugin” (or plugin or whatever you have named the file J) and move it to the top of the list
  • Click OK and close the dialog.
  • When you now run a new test sequence, your custom Identify UUT application show be launched instead of the WATS version as my example below
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