Customize the WATS MES Model file

When using the “WATS MES – Test UUTs” execution entry point, the "WATS_MESModel.seq" is executed (in behind) by default. This model handles MES functions like software download (WATS Software Module) and workflow evaluation (WATS Workflow Module). It is recommended to make a copy and rename the WATS_MESModel.seq file when customizing. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the "WATS_MESModel.seq" file from the <TestStand Public Directory>/Components/WATS_Models
  • Rename and save the file to e.g. c:\my projects\my models\My_WATS_MESModel.seq
  • Customize the file and its functionality to fit your test and production flow (e.g. change the Identify UUT/Identify Product popup or add scanner support). Refer the the WATS TestStand add-on User Manual installed with the client locally
  • Open the WATS GeneralOptions.config file located at “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Virinco\WATS” (Win XP) or “C:\ProgramData\Virinco\WATS” (Win 7).
  • Change the MESModelPath key as in the example below:
 <add key="MESModelPath" value="c:\my projects\my models\My_WATS_MESModel.seq" />
  • Save and close the "GeneralOptions.config" file. The settings in this file will not be overwritten when updating the WATS Client
  • Next time you execute the “WATS MES – Test UUTs” execution entry point, the "My_WATS_MESModel.seq" file will be executed instead of the default model.
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