Comparison Operators

When logging data and creating UUT reports, the Comparison Operator is the information as to how the limit is evaluated. WATS uses and supports the Comparison Operators introduced in TestStand.

Comp Operator Logic operator Description
EQ or EQUAL == equal
NE != / <> not equal
GT > greater than
LT < less than
GE >= greater than or equal
LE <= less than or equal
GTLT > AND < between exclusive
GELE >= AND <= between inclusive
GELT >= AND < between inclusive low, exclusive high
GTLE > AND <= between exclusive low, inclusive high
LTGT < OR > not between exclusive
LEGE <= OR >= not between inclusive
LEGT <= OR > not between inclusive low, exclusive high
LTGE < OR >= not between exclusive low, incusive high
LOG or LOG DATA   No Comparison
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