System Manager Availability - User Level: Manager

The WATS System Manager provides detailed information about the WATS infrastructure. All Servers and Clients are displayed hierarchically in a tree-view.

The hierarchy is made of WATS Servers, WATS Clients, Web Clients and Virtual Levels. Every WATS installation has one Web Client and all users are linked to this by default. You can make new Virtual Levels and Web Clients building an advanced system overview. 

Type  Virtual  Description
WATS Server: NO A Local Server connected to the Master Server installed with its own web portal and local database.
WATS Client:


A computer running the WATS Client software. The WATS Client communicates with a WATS Server and will by default show up underneath this server in the hierarchy. A Client may be dragged into a virtual level to form a custom hierarchy.

Web Client: YES

All users defined in the Users/Account view must be member of a Web Client. This means, that reports created by this User in the Operator Interface (Repair (UUR), Manual Inspection (MI Report)) will be linked to this Web Client

A Web Client may be dragged into a virtual level to form a custom hierarchy.

Virtual Level:  YES

A custom named level in the hierarchy. You may drag WATS Clients, Web Clients, Servers or even other Virtual Levels into a virtual level to create a custom hierarchy.

Virtual levels will be available in the Level drop down in the Report Filter and as an item in the restrict to level column in the Users/Account view.

From the ribbon menu, use New Virtual Level and New Web Client to add items. Drag and drop the item to build your hierarchy (check the Edit tree view box first)

note.png NOTE: Web Clients will only be replicated from Local to Master Server. Virtual Levels will not be replicated from Master to Local Server.

Restrict access

Navigate to Users (on premis) or Account ( menu page to link Users to a Web Client and restrict access to a Virtual Level. The user will only have access to UUT and UUR reports logged form Clients, Servers or Levels below the selected restricted level.

See Also: 

Info: provides a quick overview of the member’s status. 
Event log: lists recent events occurred at the member. You may view recent logs or all events. The recent logs are events with a severity set to Error or worse. In addition will only events reported within the last 24 hours be included in the recent events list. If you select the all events view, all events reported will be listed (history log).
Station Names: Alias names used as Station Name in the UUT or UUR reports.

See the In-app HELP for more details.



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