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The Process list is one of the core elements in WATS. You can define the list of different processes applicable to you and your company. Each process can be a Test, Repair or WIP (Work In Progress) Operation.

Test operations are the ones available in e.g. TestStand at startup. Repair Operations are used to tag UUR reports and also define different sets/lists of repair codes (create Repair Report). The process list will be pushed out to the clients and servers.

To edit the Process list, browse to Control Panel > Configure/settings > Processes. Referring to the In-app HELP file (upper right corner) in your WATS Application for details.

See images below.

Processes and Yield calculations

It is important to differentiate test results from different processes in order to get the correct Yield (e.g. First Pass Yield) calculations. WATS uses processes for this purpose, see example below.

As an example, if test results from “Process 1” and “process 2” was labeled below the same process (like ICT), the First Pass Yield calculation for the 2 processes would be incorrect. Referring to the in-app HELP file (upper right corner) in your WATS Application for details. See the Statistics and calculations in WATS chapter.



Edit Processes:



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