Product Groups Availability - User Level: Manager, Analyzer

Throughout the WATS application you can use predefined Product Groups (e.g. in the report filters).
To edit Product Groups, enter the Control Panel (For Technicians) -> Configure/Settings -> Product Groups.

note.pngNOTE: You must be granted access to Product Groups and Edit Public Product groups by the Administrator (Roles & Permissions)

Click "New" in the ribbon.

  • Type a group name (double click in the Name cell). Optionally, enter a description
  • Select "Is Public" if you want the group to be available to all users. If not selected, the group is only available with your user account.
  • Make sure the group is highlighted and click "New filter" in the ribbon
  • Type a part number and a revision. You can use % or * for wild card definitions
  • You can also exclude a certain part number(s)
  • Groups can also be nested with other product groups.


You should now be able to  enter a report and see the product groups in the filter. If not available, try to refresh/reopen the internet browser.


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