WATS Client - proxy settings

WATS Client proxy support

WATS Client support web proxy, and will automatically use proxy settings from Internet explorer.

However, when authenticated proxy is in use, the WATS Client Service could be denied outside access. The WATS Client is normally running under a special local account known as Network Service. This account is authenticating itself as the machine account in the domain, and this account is often denied access through the proxy server.


The WATS Client Configure  successfully connects to the server, but reports is not transmitted (increasing pending reports).


The WATS Client Service is unable to connect to the outside network through an authenticated proxy server.


There are three different possible solutions to this issue, as outlined below.

1. Allow computer account access to outside network through the proxy server.

This is the easiest solution to the problem if IT security policy allows this. IT operations must be involved to set up and enable this solution.

2. Enable Custom proxy authentication in WATS Client

 To enable outside network access for the WATS Client Service it is possible to enter a username/password in the Proxy Settings in WATS Client Configure.


On the Proxy Settings, select custom and fill in proxy gateway address and username/password. This username/password is not encrypted, so it is important that this credential do not have more access that neccessary.


Another solution could be to run the WATS Client Service under a specific domain account that has outside access through the firewall. 

3. Run WATS Client service as a domain (service) account

The WATS Client service can be configured to run as a domain user that can access outside network through the proxy server.

Open Services management console (Win-R, services.msc), locate WATS Client Service. right-click and select Properties.


On the "Log On" tab, select Enter the domain user and password, click ok and restart the service.


This method is sensitive to password changes on the account. Using a "service account" with password expiration disabled is recommended. Also, after upgrading (manually or automatic) the WATS Client will reset the service to Network Service account. This procedure must be repeated after client upgrade.

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