All Api calls to WATS REST Api are secured with basic authentication. The easiest way to create a machine access token is to use the Postman app from Chrome web browser.



All Api calls must be autheticated using basic authentication. A special GetToken api call can be used to request a special machine account token that can be used in other api calls.


Get machine access token

Install Postman - REST Client in Google Chrome

click Add to Chrome.

navigate to chrome://apps and click Postman - REST Client

In Request URL enter https://your-server-url/wats/api/auth/GetToken go to Basic Auth and enter a valid username/password. Click Refresh headers, and click Send to get you machine account 




Authorization header

Once you have a valid token it can be used to query data. Just add the Authorization header to the request.


Authorization = Basic token

Note: Remove leading and trailing " from the result in getToken



1. Get token



2. Query data



Please note that user restrictions doesn't work with the rest API.


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