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WATS Rest API is available from the 2015.2 (WATS server version) release.
The WATS Rest API can be used to retrieve collected information from the WATS database using standard web Api methods. This first version of our public web Api, you can query for WATS Reports (UUT and UUR) using an Web Api controller, and request the entire report in one of two xml formats, WSXF and WRML format. The api results is returned in Json format unless explicitly requested as xml.


The PostMan app in Chrome browser can be used for simplified test and debugging against the WATS REST Api


All Api calls must be autheticated using basic authentication. A special GetToken api call can be used to request a special machine account token that can be used in other api calls.

Refer to for details on authetication.

UUT History

Query action

UUT History can be retrieved through the Report controller. This controller is located on the url https://your-server-address/wats/api/Report

The Query action supports odata query options for filtering and paging. Returns a page of most recent reports matching the specified filter. Default order is Start_UTC with oldest report first.


To retrieve a specific report use the WSXF action with the report's unique identifier (Guid):


Refer to for details on UUT History

Refer to for details on the WSXF format.



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