Repairing sub units (Sub Repair) Availability - User Level: Operator, Analyzer, Manager

Sub Repair is the process when repairing a sub unit which has been detached from it's parent unit, to be repaired in a own separate process. If the sub unit was successfully repaired, the unit is attached back to the parent unit. If it was unsuccessful (unit was scrapped), then this process requires the sub unit to be replaced by one of the same product.

Initiating Sub Repair

When the repair operator detects that the reason of failure is or might be located on a specific sub unit, a click on the "Sub Repair" icon will start the repair process for that unit. This will create a incomplete repair (UUR) report, which is linked to the repair report of it's parent unit.


If the parent unit is not in the context of enforced routing control (Workflow), the operator must select the appropriate repair operation. By default, the repair operation of the parent unit report is pre-selected.


After Sub Repair has been started, you can navigate directly to the UUR report of the sub unit. In order to submit the parent unit report, the sub unit must have it's report submitted, or must be replaced/removed.


Repairing the sub unit

When the report has opened, the operator might have to provide values to UUR miscelleaneous fields in the "Select Repair Operation" step. Apart from this, the "Identify UUT Report" step has inherited the UUT report that was identified and confirmed in the parent unit report, this enables specific test sequences/steps to be referenced when adding failures in the "Add Failures" step.

Scrapping the sub unit

If the sub unit is beyond repair and needs to be scrapped, the operator can add a failure to it with a repair code belonging to the "Scrapped" category.


Additionally, if the sub unit is under enforced routing control, and it's been repaired too many times previously, the operator is prompted to scrap the sub unit. When re-entering the repair report of the parent unit, the "Sub Repair" icon now contains an exclamation sign and a tooltip instructing to either replace the sub unit or remove it. This must be accomplished in order to submit the repair report.



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