Repair Units - make UUR reports Availability - User Level: Operator, Analyzer, Manager

When a Unit fails a test and log the UUT report, it tells the symptom of the failure (e.g. failed in the 5 volt internal measurement). The next step of investigation is the repair or rework operation. With the Repair functionality operators can launch a web based reporting tool that allows them to scan the unit’s serial number and WATS will automatically retrieve the failed UUT report and display the failed test(s).
Further, the operator can enter (from a predefined code list) the type of Failure/repair/rework on the unit (e.g. Solder balls), reference to a component, comment and attach an image of the failure (e.g. picture of a broken connector). By combining test results with repair data, WATS can provide advanced analysis and traceability.

To create a UUR, start the WATS Operator Interface (OI)

Scan or type a serial number and click "Apply". The OI supports scanner control, contact Virinco for details. The OI can be set to automatically launch the UUR window (Configuration>Station>Start Page). To start manually, click the Repair icon on the left side.

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In-app HELP:
WATS Control Panel > Processes > Edit Repair Operation
WATS Operator Interface > Repair

Step 1: Select Repair Operation (Process)

Step 2: Select and confirm a UUT report to link to the UUR (can be optional)

Step 3: Add one or multiple failures (also supporting pictures)

Step 4: Click "save" to temporarily save the report to WATS (close and rescan Unit to continue the report) or "Submit".



Further, the Repair module comes with a set of reports and analysis to help analyse the data in “real-time” like repair time (average time from when a Unit FAILS in a test process, being repaired and tested PASSED again in the same process), Repair analysis (pareto diagrams, failure type analysis, component analysis, failed test step report, station/operator report) and components for “stand alone” dashboard reporting.

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