Create a Software Package

The Package Administration view is the interface where you administrate your packages. You can create “virtual folders” to organize packages in a tree view.


To create a package, simply select a virtual folder and click “New package”. A default package is created named “New Package”. Double click to edit package name. You can only have one package with the same name. If you name a package with a name already in use, the version number will be increased by one (e.g. from version 1 to version 2).


Adding content.

Add folders by clicking “New folder” in the ribbon. You may also drag/drop files and folders from your Windows File Explorer. Drop them on the folder content area to the right. Each file will have a set of properties, and the “attributes” property is used to add an action to the file.

  • None. No action
  • Execute Once. If it is the first time the package is downloaded on the computer, the file is executed.
  • Always execute. Execute the file every time the API checks/updates the package
  • TopLevelSequence. Allow TestStand (WATS MES – Test UUTs) to automatically execute the sequence file.


The package's folder/file structure is created on the client when the package is downloaded (using the WATS API).





Package Tags.

A package may be identified by its unique name or by tags. You may assign any number of tags to a package. These tags can later be used for getting/downloading packages (ex. Download all packages tagged with a PartNumber = 123456).


When a package is highlighted, the right window displays the package tags. Add new tags with the "Add tag" button in the ribbon.



Install Package on root.

When a package is downloaded to the client (using the WATS API), the Package name is used to create the “first” folder below the Root folder. E.g: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\SoftwareDistribution\New Package. This ensures that no folders will be in conflict and accidently overwritten.


When checked, the API will create the subfolders one level below the package to the root folder at the client (don’t use the package name as the first folder).

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