Create and edit workflow definition

To create a new workflow definition, enter the WATS Control Panel and navigate to the Workflow Manager from the menu.


NOTE: It is highly recommended to use Internet Explorer as web browser when launching the designer. Also make sure your (sky)WATS domain (e.g.: https://[name] is added to the Local Intranet zone. For details, please visit

Once the UI has loaded, click "New Workflow" from the ribbon, and a new definition will appear in the selected/active folder. Then select it from the list (single click).


Workflows are created as Draft, and can be moved to pending and release. They can also be revoked (automatically done when new version is released).


New Workflow:

Create a new workflow in the selected   folder.

Copy Workflow:

Create a copy of the selected workflow rename with double click.

Delete Workflow:

Start defining sub-units of the selected product/revision.

Design Workflow:

Start the workflow designer

New Folder:

Creates a sub folder of the selected folder.

Delete Folder:

Deletes the selected folder.

Move to..:

Change workflow status.

When a definition is selected, its product/production relations will display in the right pane. This is also where you define which phases of a unit that the workflow should respond to (e.g. Under Production).


To design the workflow, click "Design Workflow" from the ribbon. This will launch the Workflow Designer (see picture below), and since it's a ClickOnce application, it requires to be downloaded to the client the first time.

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