Using a network folder from a WATS client converter.

Q: It works well, if I use a folder on local computer, "c:\temp\WATS_Transfer" for example. But it doesn't work, if I use a network folder like "\\servername\Data\WATS_Transfer<file:///\\servername\Data\WATS_Transfer>" oder "Y:\Data\WATS_Transfer". 

Is there a way to use network folders like <Parameter name="Path">\\servername\Data\WATS_Transfer"</Parameter<file:///\\servername\Data\WATS_Transfer"%3c\Parameter>>?

Yes, you can use a network folder (UNC path), but the computer that runs the converter needs write access to the folder. 

The WATS Client Service runs default logged inn as "NETWORK SERVICE" on the local computer, and will not have write permissions to network folders.
So there are two ways to achieve this:

1. Grant access to "domain\STATIONNAME$" on the network folder.
2. Change the user that runs the service and grant that user write permissions. If the station and server is in a domain, a service user must be created. If the client is not in a domain, you must create a local user on both client and server with the same password.

Please find attaced screenshots.

 NB: WATS Client Service must be restarted.

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