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Virinco recognize that Silverlight (SL) is not being further developed by Microsoft and are scheduled for end support in 2021. Virinco are committed to end use of SL before end of support. At the same time, SL offer advanced functionality that may not be trivial to implement using HTML(5) and may require other 3rd party tools or plug-ins if not using SL. At the time Virinco chose SL, HTML was not a viable alternative.

At the same time, it has always been important to Virinco that the WATS product should offer customers easy access to applications through the use of web browsers.

Another option we have is to transfer WATS web applications to Windows applications using Windows 10 “App distribution” technology, but this platform is still new to most customers. Also, customers using other OS vendors shall not be left out.

Many WATS features are already transferred to HTML(5), but some are still using SL waiting for a more mature technology, web or app.

It is also important to emphasize that all common functionality widely used in WATS for reporting, dashboards, set-up and configuration is not using SL.

The applications still using SL is advanced features depending on in-depth technology and are listed below.

Control Panel

  • Product Manager
    • Scheduled to be transferred to HTML in 2017.2/3
  • Software Manager (distributing software packages to the test stations, part of our MES offering)
    • Software Manager (SM) require access to OS and file properties like created and save date. SM also has an integration option with source safe systems and advanced upload features.

Operator Interface (OI)

  • Integration with computer HW like scanners and cameras.

Station Map (global map of all test stations based on their GPS coordinates)


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    Danny Thomson

    As Microsoft has removed Silverlight in Edge and support for it is general dyeing away, is there a planned roadmap with WATs, skyWATs to move away from it. Thus making it easier to use the browser of your choice going forward ?

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    Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    @Danny. Microsoft will support Silverlight to 2021, but indeed it's getting more complicated to use.

    WATS Server 2016.2 release will introduce a new HTML version of the Control Panel and most common used menus will be converted. We will continue to transfer features to HTML in the upcoming releases. WATS Operator Interface will also be transferred into HTML befor Microsoft officially remove support for Silverlight.


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