How to create a trace for Virinco support team

In some cases, the Virinco support team may require a trace to investigate an issue. This article briefly describes this process.

Starting SQL Server Profiler

Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 or later, with SQL Server tools installed:

  • Press the Windows button
  • Type “Profiler”
  • Choose SQL Server nn Profiler, where nn is the version number, for instance 2014.

Windows Server 2008/Windows 7, with SQL Server tools installed:

  • Start
  • All Programs
  • Microsoft SQL Server nn, where nn is the version number, for instance 2008 R2
  • Performance Tools
  • SQL Server Profiler

Starting a trace

When SQL Server Profiler has opened:

  • File
  • New trace…
  • Enter the server name/credentials for your database server, and connect

In the Trace Properties dialog box

  • You may enter a name for your trace
  • Use the template: TSQL_SPs
  • Go to the Events Selection Tab
  • Press Column Filters button to open the Edit filter dialog
  • Select TextData
  • Expand Like
  • Type the information provided by the support technician
  • Check the “Exclude rows that do not contain values” box
  • Click OK to close the Edit filter dialog
  • Press Yes in the warning dialog box
  • Press Run

Now, reproduce the error/situation that the support technician should investigate.

To stop and save the trace file:

  • Press the red stop button on the toolbar.
  • File
  • Save As
  • Trace File
  • Save the file, and send it to the support technician
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