WATS Client - setup service autorestart

In some rare cases the wats client service stop, and an out of memory exception is reported in windows event log. A workaround when this behavior is experienced is to allow the service to autorestart. Setting up the WATS Client Service to autorestart on failures can be achieved by opening the services.msc management console, locating the WATS Client Service, right click the service and select Properties. On the Recovery tab select restart the service for first, second and subsequent failures. Set "reset failcount after" to 1 days, and "restart service after" to 15  minutes. On windows 7 / 8 make sure Enable actions for stops with errors is checked as well.

This configuration can also be achieved by executing the following statements in a command line prompt (make sure that the space after = is preserved).

SC failure WATSSERVICE reset= 86400 actions= restart/900000/restart/900000/restart/900000
SC failureflag WATSSERVICE 1 

The second line does not apply to Windows XP, only Windows 7 / 8

This procedure must be repeated after a client update or reinstall, as these settings will be reset to do "Take no action" during client update or reinstallation.

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