Time Synchronization

WATS requires the time to be in synchronization across both server as well as clients. If the time between two hosts differ by more than 5 minutes (after time zones has been taken into consideration), communication will fail. Thus, all servers and clients should get the time from the same source, either directly or indirectly via an internal time server such as a domain controller or NTP server. Virtual machines should synchronize their clocks against this same server, not the host.

For hosts that are not member of a domain:

We recommend having a domain environment, where the PDC emulator in the forest root domain retrieves the time from an internet time server. In cases where there are more than one forest, each forest should retrieve the time from the same internet time server.

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    Kåre Juul Kirkegaard

    Hi Ole

    Thanks it was the time that was off. The problem for our servers and clients is that they are not connected to the internet so I need a time source from our it department.

    Regards Kåre

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