WATS Client - Cloning a test station

In order to clone a test station with WATS Client installed, some special precautions needs to be taken. When the WATS Client is installed, a test station-id is generated in order to uniquely identify the station within WATS. When the machine is cloned, this id is also copied, which results in two (or more) machines identifying itself with the same id. Both (or all) stations will then try to update its station info at specific intervals on the server - resulting in an ever-changing station.

To avoid this the cloned stations must be given a new identifier. This can be done by running the attached command in command prompt (needs elevation).

Execute "WATSUtil.exe newid" in a command promt with administrative privileges to generate a new station id.

The cloned machine with new id must be brought online against the server before trying to create any reports, otherwise the service will fail to load, and reports not be queued for delivery. If the client is going to be used offline, you must also delete the following configuration file before trying to deliver/queue any reoports:
Windows 7 and later: C:\ProgramData\Virinco\WATS\TDM-Default\ClientInfo.xml 
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Virinco\WATS\TDM-Default\ClientInfo.xml

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    Per Arnulf Johansen

    Do we need to reboot station after creating new station id ?  If so, What happens to the test results before we reboot, are they lost  ?

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