Forum Guidelines [READ THIS FIRST!]

Hello and welcome to the Virinco User Forums!

These forums are intended to promote and support a Virinco community in which users can learn from each other as well as get first hand information from the Virinco team. While Virinco Support will be moderating and contributing posts, this is also your community. Ask questions. Answer questions. Offer tips. Make suggestions. Share comments and caveats.

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Forum Guidelines

We ask that you abide by a few guidelines to make the Virinco User Forums a helpful and friendly place.

  • Please write your posts in English. While Virinco products have a worldwide presence, at this time our support team is only able to read / respond in English.
  • Take care not to use ALL CAPS in your posts. Writing in all caps is universally seen as yelling or shouting and is considered impolite (in addition to making your post difficult to read.)
  • Avoid posting private information such as your license information, password, Computer ID, etc.
  • Choose a subject line that summarizes the question or issue, then provide full details in the message body. This helps others help you.
    • Good subject line: How can I add misc info to the UUT header?
    • Bad subject line: HELP ME!
  • Include enough detail in your post so someone unfamiliar with your setup can help. Remember, other users are not looking at your screen. Some things that are helpful:
    • Platform
    • Browser
    • WATS component (e.g. WATS Dashboard, WATS Client, LabVIEW toolkit, etc)
    • 3rd party software (e.g. NI TestStand 2010)
    • Hardware specs
  • Post your topic to one forum. We may remove duplicate postings if we see the same topic posted in several locations.
  • Keep posts on-topic. The forums are here to help support users of Virinco products, so keep the discussion focused and relevant to the topic you are replying to. We reserve the right to move or delete anything off-topic.
  • And of course most importantly, treat others with respect. Topics or posts deemed inappropriate will be edited or removed.
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